Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Well, not quite ... just lazy in between getting off work and the birthday party this evening.  :)

I wanted to show you guys the finished basket:

It is currently containing rolags awaiting the wheel.
Took this girl out on the calf hunt last weekend and she did fabulously!  She only bucked once.  :)  Other than that she tried very hard to be good despite the fact she hasn't been ridden in  ... probably a year or more.  She's pulled a wagon in that year, but only a few times.  Pretty proud of her and really appreciative of her cooperative spirit.

And then there's the party preparations!

I still have another chapter of Constant Craving to share with you guys, but that will have to wait for an even lazier day.  Wishing you all a beautiful day!

Song for the day:  Parson Red Heads - Times
.... cuz a little Parson Red Heads never hurt anybody!  :)


  1. The basket is pretty! And I always enjoy the special touches you put on gift wrapping. :)