Friday, February 27, 2015

Farmer Jess

Well, there they are!  In all their fuzzy glory!

Not long after they arrived, so did a 10" blanket of snow that is still here nearly two weeks later.  It's had some freezing rain and melt/refreeze action added to it.  In short, not easy critter caring weather.

This was the day it all started to melt.  And then it changed it's mind and throughly iced over.

So I'd spun a circle out on E while it was in four wheel drive.  19 was fine.  But then I couldn't get up the hill to the gate even!  I finally called Jeremiah and asked him to come drive.  I tried a few more times while I was waiting and then looked down to realize I was in two wheel drive.  :)   I sheepishly called the house as I eased up the road.  Nobody answered and I started to make a run for the hill.  Jeremiah came flying around the curve on the four wheeler.  I started giggling and hung my head out the window, honking the horn, and hollering at him to get out of the way.  He laughed, slid into the pasture, and started doing donuts.  I love his good sense of humor!

I spun out on each hill at least once and had to back down to the last flat part and run at it again.  I crab walked up the little hill, cutting my wheels back and forth, trying to keep the rear end on the road.  I was on the second to last hill and got a little impatient, spun out a little too long, and got the back end to close to the bank to where I couldn't back down the hill to try again without falling over the edge.

Jeremiah teased me and headed to the house for the come-a-long.  Every time I'd gotten stuck I'd been asking him for advice and all he'd say was "STEP ON IT GRANDMA!!!"  :D  I really appreciated him trusting me, letting me play and figure it out without worrying about me messing up the truck, and then coming to save me when I pushed it a little too far.   Once we got it back on the road, I made it up the last hill, sliding from one side of the road to the other and only barely making it.  His only comment was "nice driving."  :)  'Twas a fun day!

Anyways, back to the goats.

A little bit of the current set up ....

Using this tank to haul hot water (direct from the hot water heater). 
One for the goats, one for the horses.

3/8" fiberglass fence posts with step in pins attached to the bottom.  The step in pin work very nicely allowing me to put the pressure directly over the pin rather than off to the side as with the normal step in posts.

Experimenting with extension cord reels for the polybraid.  They're much cheaper.
Keeping records over cookies and milk.

So this is how we connected the electric fence to the barn bunks ... only I moved it over a bit
so that the bunk braces blocked the opening.

Shortly after the snow.  Spuds seems to do a good job of keeping an eye on everyone.

Cozied up in the shed for those sub zero windy nights!

And this ... this is a dog.  My dog.  That has been running behind the truck.  Bath time!

Their second pasture.  They've been eating on that brush at the bottom of the hill and we can actually walk through there now!  Only 6 days later.

This is number 35.  Trying to learn to recognize them all!

Generic goat whose number I don't know.  :\

This is Krinkle.  She's number 37.

That's number 42.  She has a sleek dark coat and rather a pretentious flare to her horns.

And the friendly goat.  Nancy?  Amy?  Poppy?

Get along little goatie!  

This is 31.

This is the beginning of a new life experience for me.  I've had pets.  But this is different.  This is a business venture.  Thus begins the journey of herd management.   It's scary.  It's exciting.  And it'll be even better when there are goat babies on the ground!  :)

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