Friday, September 19, 2014

4 Gallons of Granola? Check.

I borrowed the camp recipe for granola (haven't been incredibly happy with the one I made up), said bye to Becky, and told her I was going to go fill a 5 gallon bucket.  I got a little closer to that than I thought I would!

I'm estimating that at about 4 gallons.  I was thankful at 11pm, that my energy and ingredients ran out at about the same time.  I had just enough for two full batches.  So I spent my evening doing a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of packing, trying to multitask and hear the timer over the vacuum.  :)  I only burned one pan, so I'd consider it a blazing success!
Mom's kitchen, midstream
I hope it's tasty!  We'll be eating on that for a while!
Also trimmed all of my own horses yesterday.  Tired.  I think somehow when nobody is paying me it makes me more tired.  :)  I'm gonna miss them while I'm gone.  They'll probably be all fuzzy by the time I get back.  Planning on letting them out into the main pasture today before we head out.  Not 100% sure the electric fence is working out there though .... was very tempted to just grab it last night and find out for sure.  I'm hoping I'll have time for some brush trimming this morning to make doubly sure.  

Well, today is supposed to be the big day!  Keep your fingers crossed!  I'm really looking forward to an "on the road" post!  It may be from a McDonalds parking lot, but I intend to try!  See you all on the other side!  Again, please leave me a note if you've stopped by!

One of my new favorite bands:

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  1. what an adventure for you all, I've been mystified by your cryptic posts on facebook. Keep those blogs coming, I'm following along vicariously.