Monday, September 15, 2014

Yogurt Cheese

I was cleaning my stuff out of Leah's fridge.  So hard.  I sent my kefir grains to their death, threw out my buttermilk/starter, decided I should eat all the yogurt/starter, and laid my sourdough starter to rest.  This was on the heels of taking my houseplants and kombucha scoby to the "babysitters".  :)  I felt like I was giving up all my little pets.  The idea of eating 3 cups of yogurt was a bit daunting, so I made one of my favorite cheeses.  If you haven't had yogurt cheese, you're missing out!  It's really smooth and tasty and super easy.  Yes, I just said super.  :P

I lined a small bowl with my sacred unbleached organic cheesecloth and dumped the yogurt in.

(On the cheesecloth, for a long time I had just used the stuff from the craft section of Walmart.  I was not sorry for my health food store splurge of $4.  It feels so much nicer, washes out much better, and doesn't require as many layers. I've used it multiple times and it's still going strong with no signs of quitting.)

I hung the yogurt for about a day and a half, letting the whey drain into the sink.
Drained yogurt

Some salt, garlic powder, and basil

I've been told it can be flavored with whatever your heart desires.

Finished product

I like to eat it on crackers.  Chips or veggies work as well.   Have you tried it?  Do you have a favorite flavoring combination?

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