Saturday, September 20, 2014

Not Too Surprising

... that we're still here.  One of us had a melt down yesterday then obliging us to some hours of conversation, and someone wasn't feeling well today.  I have been avoiding having even mental rants.  I've been trying not to let my pride, disappointment, impatience, or defensiveness get the better of me; rather reminding myself of what I do have control over and what my responsibilities are, and devoting mental energy to choosing and maintaining what I hope are good boundaries.  So, on the bright side:
A pretty typical response of mine to last minute drastic plan changes (ei, "was" going to run half a day of errands or "was" gonna drive to Montana) is a spontaneous jump into the middle of a big project.  Kick that pig!  So after the meltdown and ensuing conversations, I loaded up the four wheeler and headed to the horse pasture to cut brush under the electric fence and check for down branches.  It was really nice to get that done before we left!  I had half of it done, but finishing it up means that the folks who are checking on the horses will have less chance of any fencing issues.
It doesn't look like much, but let me tell you ...
... that was hard won.

Then came more sewing projects:
Recycled felted wool jacket for my tea bottle
Mom knitted a wool scarf and accidentally felted it in the washer.  She gave it to me for my scrap basket!  And I've loved it!  Here's another project from it:

And an apron!  I found this canvas in the discounted "short ends" basket at Walmart.  Finished piece pictures later.

I spent some time cleaning house and battening down the hatches, mostly in the kitchen, as the boys had taken care of the bathrooms and main floors.  It is pretty important to Mom that things get left in decent order.  I think it's been a while since that floor got mopped and it took some scrubbing to get it clean!  

We (meaning mostly Jeremiah) rearranged the packing of the van and ended up with a much more efficient system with more space!  We actually just might fit it all in there now!  I'm pretty pleased with what we're taking.  I feel like it's adequate and not too much.  It's well packed and organized so that things are easy to get to in the order we're likely to need them.  That gets pretty high on the priority list with a trip of this length. 

Master Packman!  He and I are both pretty good
at fitting more into a space that ought to be
possible.  We take great pride in that!  Comes
in very handy!

Emily really wanted to come out and "help", but contented herself with watching very carefully. 

She got a bath yesterday too!  
Having the dogs on this trip will be an extra logistical challenge and an extra bunch of fun!  Here's to hoping we can learn how to make that work well!  I'm looking forward to being back with my puppy on a daily basis!

Hopeful, once again, that we might make it out tomorrow!  Jeremiah suggested we try to make it to church in Springfield.  :)  I'm aware that leaving at that early hour will be a challenge for our family, but I think it's a great goal!  I'm exercising my "incurable optimism" muscle ... it's gotten a lot of work lately.  :)

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