Friday, September 12, 2014

For My Friends

:) Yep, I'm here.  So you know we (my family) are taking this trip.  I'm very excited to see new places, and most of all to hopefully learn the art of car camping.  The thing I'm not excited about is missing my people.  Places are wonderful.  People touch a deeper chord.  This will be my journal for all of you who may miss me when I'm gone or wonder what I'm up to.  Though the trip was the inspiration, I hope to continue after the trip as well.

Today has been a little on the frantic side.  It was nice to feel the thrill of ticking things of the list in preparation, but I'm not sure I like what that feeling does to my soul.  I'm sure there must be a better way, a better attitude, a better balance between efficient doing and contemplative treasuring.  Anyways, along with other miscellaneous errands, I'm doing my best to leave my trim clients in good shape.  That means trying to predict when the van is actually leaving and attempting to trim everybody in those last few days.

I'm liking this bandana, 'twas a birthday present from my brother:
On my way home from trimming

This packing business makes a mess.  I've been in front of the sewing machine quite often, making bags for various things.  More on that later.  My goal is to pack light and useful.  I don't want to take anything that won't get used often and then cut that in half.  This goal has caused lots of life purging in general.  I've gotten rid of lots of clothes and things not often used.  I figure if I think I can live for two months out of the back of a van without it, its status should be questioned.
Showing off my new rug

This is going, just not sure how to pack it up yet. 

The "definitely packed" pile.
The family is a proud new owner of a minivan.  I got to drive it back from the mechanic.  It is a very easy drive and pretty comfortable.  I felt like I was practicing for having children.
Can't you see all the happy faces?  :)

So another trim for a favorite client at 6:30am will be a great way to start the day tomorrow!  But first I have to go clean off my bed so I can get some sleep.  Thanks for checking out my new space!  Love you all!

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