Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 39

I was slightly cold this morning after de-layering last night.  I voted for cold cereal so we could get on the road sooner.  I was very anxious to ensure that laundry got done since I had stuffed most of the dish towels in the dirty laundry bag two days ago.  There are somethings you just don’t undo.  :)  I made turkey sandwiches with sunflower sprouts for lunch.

Meanwhile, my own project proves you can grow sprouts in the back of a minivan and
they just might survive a couple frosts too!
We drove through Stevensville, spied the yard shop, and stopped at the Post Office.  

We continued through Corvallis and then cut back across to 93 at Halmilton. 

Trapper Peak

We counted down through Darby to Conner which had a PO, bar, and general store.  We turned around there.  

In Darby.

Now that's extravagant.

We drove down Lost Horse Road about 8 miles north of Darby.  After poking along for a while we decided to go the 20 miles up the Twin Lakes, well aware that by that decision we were signing up to have a late night.   

We had a quarter tank of gas.  There was about 6-8” of snow up there which of course had to mean at least one snowball - Jeremiah was the lucky recipient.  :P 

Embracing life, even if it's a cold life.

Just cuz it was a good picture!

This is what we do with snow.

 The fuel light came on while we were up there and we drove conservation style from there - building up momentum on the hills and not slowing down if we could help it.  

Even Jeremiah admitted it was a hair raising ride.  

It was going by kinda fast, ya know.

We made it out of Lost Horse and about 2 of the 9 miles to Hamiliton before we ran out of gas.  Jeremiah was pretty embarrassed.  He pulled into a driveway and the gentleman there gave us 2 gallons of gas and refused payment.  It appeared we had interrupted their dinner as his wife was peeking through the curtains with a plate in her hand.  It was about 6:15. 

The same moon you were looking at.

We filled up in Hamilton and I cleaned the van windows.  We did three loads of laundry, washed and dried, at Fast & Fluffy.  My goodness!  Laundromat names certainly lack in class.  We left Hamilton at 9pm.

Jeremiah opted out of dinner because he had been up until 3am waiting for the rain to stop so he could go to the van and brush his teeth.  ;)  He went to bed.  I made chocolate oats.  If you haven’t had chocolate oats, you’re missing out.  There is no added sugar, it’s sweet and filling.  Mash up about one overripe banana per person, add about 2-3 T dry milk per banana, 1 T. cocoa per banana, and rolled oats to the consistency you like.  I added some thick yogurt and walnuts for some extra protein.  Whipped cream is never a bad topping.  :)  You should try it!

I got in bed around 11pm.


  1. That trapper peak is intriguing - it's different somehow! And that lake and you- stunners.

  2. gorgeous country, still Montana? I'll have to try the choco-oats, Gary will eat almost anything with chocolate in it :D

    1. Yep, still Montana! Let me know how he likes them!