Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 41

Up at 8am and talked with God for a while.  I woke everyone else at 9am getting out of the tipi.  Reading in Ecclesiastes 6-10 about enjoying life because that’s all we have and know, finding joy in our work.  We are all going to Sheol, righteous and wicked alike.  Pondering what in these truths and principles has changed with the New Covenant.

Apple walnut pancakes for breakfast at 10:30am.  The fire went out halfway through which made everything take a lot longer.  Hummus, corn chips, veggies, and sliced cheese for lunch.  I made that guacamole with the last two avocados.  I fed most of one to the dogs because it smelled fermented.  Guac is only as good as your avocados and I’ve spoiled the last few batches I’ve made trying to salvage for frugality’s sake.   This stuff on the other hand, smelled so good I wanted lunch right away!  I skipped on the dishes in the interests of getting to Missoula earlier. 

We shopped at Cabelas, Good Food Store, Michaels, Barnes & Noble (books are lovely things), Sportsmans’s Warehouse, Natural Grocers, Montana Wheat, got the check engine light reset, and Walmart.  Going to Walmart at 7pm on Halloween in an interesting experience indeed.

Succulents in Good Foods.  I think my collection might have to grow when I get back.  Inspiration.

This is the size of our grocery receipt.

This is the size of a receipt for a bag of ice.  
We had pasta with broccoli, onions and alfredo sauce, leftover veggies, and apple sauce.  The fire went out just as I was starting on the sauce.  Same batch of wood as this morning.  It gets a D minus.  

Jeremiah dumped the coals in the fire pit for Joshua.  

I finished the sauce over the whiteman’s fire, realizing I’d put in twice as much milk as I should have.  Tiredness.  Again dishes got stowed in the back of the car.  Joshua says the orthodontist says that for 20 minutes after you eat, your moth produces the acid that feeds the plaque.  Brushing teeth before the 20 minutes is up doesn’t do much good.  Blast it!  My bed calls.  I think it was close to midnight.

P.S. I making up for the picture overload in the previous days.  :)  (Insert one more good excuse here.)

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