Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hot Soup and Fuzzy Horses

So Katie says I need to take especially good care of myself right now.  It's easy when you're stressed to think that there are other things more important that eating well and in a timely manner, so her admonition was the reminder I needed.

I ate garlic and drank apple cider vinegar and made soup.  :)  While I'm not sure that freezer burned chicken and almost over-the-hill potatoes count as eating well, it was an improvement over what I was doing and took care of some of the rest of life as well.

Some good bone broth ... I hope. 

Da poor potatoes.  

Jeremiah cut the cottonwood of the electric fence and I got it all put back together.  And then when your horse nickers at you when he sees the halter ...  I was too busy relishing in lessons well remembered to take pictures.  He has his side pass toward me from the left down pretty well.  He'll back up when you pull on his tail.  He learned how to side pass towards me from the right side.  We also got to where he could comfortably walk across the skidder tire that I used behind the draft ponies.  It's a big step up.  He knew exactly what I was asking for as soon as I showed it to him.  And he wasn't so thrilled with it, but he tried and made progress each time until he made it!  He was so light and responsive.  That horse has loads of try.  So then, I mean, I don't remember the last time I rode him, and he was kinda rambunctious, but yeah.  I rode him.  Bareback with the halter and he was a dream!  He moved so enthusiastically off my leg cues.  When he backed up, he broke at the poll so nicely.  Then we herded Moody out of the barnyard and it made me miss the cow sorting practices.

I'm so happy to have my plants back!

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  1. Happy day! Sweet sweet blessings, like a horse nicker, good food, and life. Love you!