Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hickory Bark Basket

So Saturday night I decided it was time to make a basket.  Those hickory bark strips I got from Daniel have been sitting in my closet for .... well ... a long time.

I put three rolls in a five gallon bucket and covered them with warm water and left it overnight.  After church, I started in on it.

So hairy!

It's coming along ...!  You can see the bottom woven with measure, um eyeballed, strips.

For the sides, I am using a continuous strip.

That's about as deep as it can be with the size of strips I cut.

Most of the ends are tucked into a lower part of the weave.

All done!  The handles were an after thought and as I was using part of the strips that were too long, they are off center.
I think they'll be fairly sturdy though.

Blocking it with ammo, rocks, string, and clamps.  I have two flat rocks underneath to push up the bottom slightly
so it will be stable.

Leftovers of the three rolls.

That's the color of the soaking water!  A very strong tea, that.
Now I am waiting, not so patiently for it to dry.  Finished product pictures later on!

Song for the day: Seven Wonders - Nickel Creek
My uncle introduced me to this band, and I'm liking it so far!

A grateful thanksgiving day to you all!

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