Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 50

I slept until about 8:30am.  I tried to convince myself I ended more sleep, but my toes were cold and it was most definitely morning in me and in the world.  I let the dogs run around and worked on trip notes.

I put away the groceries bought in Bozeman now that the care was a third empty and I could get to boxes better.  I pulled out a container of cottage cheese to go with the raisin bread for breakfast and made turkey and hard salami sandwiches for lunch.

We were on the road before 11am.

Topped of the gas tank in Dubois and drove throughout own in the daylight.  North of town, we stopped at the overlook for the Grand Tetons.  We talked to a couple from Pennsylvania and took pictures for each other.

Next we drove through Jackson.  I've heard a lot about it and it was neat to see it in person.  There is definitely a lot of money running around there.  I wouldn't mind window shopping in that town ... lots of cool stores.

We stopped in Pinedale, WY at the public restrooms and park.  A very nice facility that provided a good break.  We were able to get water, throw away trash, and played with the dogs.

That's my sweet puppy!  :P

In Rock Springs, we had some trouble finding workable internet to check weather and campgrounds.

And snow fences.

We camped at Dripping Springs near Dutch John, UT.

We got in around 7pm and shortly decided we should go buy water in town after Jeremiah had come back empty handed from his spring search.  At the General Store, we met the owner who was originally from Brunswick, MO.  Water was $2.99 a gallon.  We talked for a while about water sources (he said he'd drink out of the reservoir), fun things to do around, and the history of Dutch John.

Back at camp we had quesadillas again.  It kept getting warmer and warmer.  The general store owner said they'd cancelled the storm in Montana.  I washed the back log of dishes before we ate and left the dinner dishes until morning to do with the breakfast dishes.

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  1. I like Wyoming, those craggy mountains are stunning.