Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 46

Up about 7:30am  Read in Job about God’s goodness and justice.  Job is a book that puzzles me … so many different opinions and perspectives thrown around in there without a whole lot of feedback as to which ones are straight and true.  This morning I was convicted about how I love my family.  I realized I often take family relationships for granted, rejoicing in good efficient working relationships without entering into them fully or investing in them the way I should.  Essentially withdrawing from accounts I haven’t deposited into. 

At it again!
We got on the road about noon. 

Hmmm ... ski slope.  Yes.

I put cheese, salami, and rice cakes in the snack bag for lunch and cut some some more carrots.  I’m enjoying the half size bamboo cutting board Mom got.  It’s much easier to wash than the big one and is usually adequate for the job at hand.  

We drove to Lima, MT and out to the Lima Peaks.  There were some rough muddy roads out close to the mountains.  I left the dogs’ water bowl out there and had to turn around to get it.  

So we got this far and then I backed the minivan back the entire road and stayed on the high spots!

Lots and lots of these hunt camps up in the hills.



Two ladies getting it done.  Oh and I might add, three very enthusiastic, efficient, persistent dogs.  

We stopped in Dillon again hoping to do some legit grocery shopping.  We all agreed that we disliked that town.  Poor wifi, didn't have what we wanted grocery or hardware wise, just run down and worn out.  The people there didn’t seem friendly at all.  That surprised me as I’ve gotten used to otherwise in most of Montana.  

Haha!  Hunting much?

We got a cheese pizza and I made a salad back at camp.  Spent some time by the fire catching up on trip notes.  

We did decide where we were moving camp tomorrow and what time we needed to leave by.

Joshua got out the animal crackers and sat next to Mom, identifying each one as he ate it, asking her her agreement.  Not sure what started that tradition.  After listening to The Hobbit on the way home, the guys spent the evening conversing with each other in troll voices.  Joshua does it quite well, but Jeremiah’s voice is just too high and makes us giggle.  :)

To bed about 11pm, 6,127 miles in.


  1. it can be hard to be friendly when one is "run down and worn out". Chemtrails in the last pic, bringing the storm in?

  2. Very true. I'm not sure ... from what I heard later on, it never did snow. The storm petered out before it got to where we had been.