Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 40

The plan is to do exploring and people-meeting (the boys call it shopping) in Stevensville and Hamilton.  I made millet cereal for breakfast.  We like it with raisins and walnuts, and some milk and/or yogurt over the top.  Then BLTs for lunch.  I hate making lunch and then having to wait to eat it!  It didn’t rain this morning and that made me very happy.

Happy by-product of Jeremiah's experiments.  Freestanding copper coil faucet.  Such a zen faucet I've never seen!
We got on the road around 1 pm and our first stop was the yarn shop.  It was actually a vintage/antique store with a yarn shop in the back.  This lady shops around for clearance yarns and tools and then resells them in her shop.  She had really good prices.  I spent some money.  End of story.  Until I make something with it.  We spent a long time there talking to Joan, a self-proclaimed liberal hippy from Berkly, CA, originally from England and then Canada.  She described Montana as a bunch of independent tea partiers, who didn’t pay people to do anything.  They either figured it out themselves or knew someone who could do it.  She couldn’t fathom why anyone would want guns other than for hunting.  And then climate change …  

On the road again ...
We drove down 93 to Hamilton and stopped at the auto parts store to get the check engine light tested.  Bad catalytic converter.  Well now, since the guy who did our exhaust just sold us a new one … Jeremiah called him later in the day.  They said to have the light reset.  If it came back on, replace the upstream and downstream oxygen sensors.  If it came on again, they would warrantee the cat.

I went to the bead shop next door while all of this was happening.  I talked to Katie a bit on my way over there and told her all kinds of things which saved me from being tempted to write them on here.  Sorry guys, but I think she just rescued me … and you.  :)  The bead store on the other hand, is worth telling about.  Bins and bins of all kinds of beads, chains, findings, wire, tools.  Oiy.  I was glad I’d already spent my wad on yarn.  No more decisions.  They had jewelry-making stations set up so you could create and buy at the same time!  The other side of the store was a gift shop with pottery, cute aprons, woven towels, etc.

Jeremiah dropped me off on Main Street to go “shopping” and went to get the oil changed.  I went in a couple clothing stores, The Closet and Bella’s Boutique.  The Paper Clip was half office supply and half scrapbooking and art supplies.  Stone Cottage was an arts and crafts co-op, mostly local with great stuff.  Would love to have that available for Christmas shopping!  Then to two art galleries and had interesting conversations there.  Not sure why, but my gallery conversations are always memorable.  

We went to Albertsons and got a pot of mums and a Ghiradelli’s bar for the gas angels and delivered that.  The kids were home looking out the window, but wouldn’t answer the door.  Mom left it outside the window near the driveway with a note.  We had all recommended just leaving it in the first place since it was dinner time again.  The kids ran out and retrieved it as soon as we left.  We wondered if “mom” every saw the chocolate.

Back in Hamilton, we found some internet.  I downloaded and watched the last Farmstead Meatsmith’s video.  If you haven’t found those already from my link on Facebook, you should check it out.  But only if butchering pigs sounds interesting to you.  :)  Seriously though, this guy is very informative, philosophical, and humorous.  This is why everybody should raise at least some of their own food.  Or eat somewhat locally if you can.  Or at least think about all this stuff.  Again, watch the videos.

I read this article too:

We got to camp at 8pm.  Joshua started a whiteman’s fire and I got dinner ready to cook, then worked on trip notes until I got the “fire’s ready” call.  We roasted hot dogs on the grill and set a pan of green beans and onions to steam.  I dressed the beans with butter, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, a little extra basil, and some lovely balsamic vinegar.  

Yes, I do like food.  :)  Then comes the discussion about overeating and gluttony even when you’re skinny.  Been thinking about that lately.  Should I eat all I can just because I can?  This question kinda plays into the Meatsmith’s approach.

We roasted some marshmallows and Mom read us an article about the impending ebola epidemic and medical martial law.  Great bed time story.  :P

To bed around 11:30pm.  The boys cooped up the coals and put them in the stove in the tipi.  I woke up and delayered again.


  1. amazingly, the ebola hysteria seems to have dissipated with the election. Pheew, what'll they come up with to scare us into needing the govt next?

    1. I don't know, Leza. Some of it is pretty arrogant. It riles my arrogance. ;)