Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 54

I worked on trip notes first thing in the morning.  When Mom wanted to go to breakfast, I took our laundry and started 2 loads.  The laundry soap was frozen and it took some doing to convince it to leave the bottle.  Breakfast was quite nice.

The laundry took a while to dry.  Mom’s insulated pants never did dry.  There were still droplets in the nylon cuffs.  We tried to refill water bottles, but everything was frozen, except the mylar bladder Jeremiah and stashed in the cold bag.  We had some frozen eggs, apples, and oranges.  Some of the water in the rice bags in the cooler had refrozen as well.

I do.  And it crushes me.
We got on the road about 11am.  About half an hour later, I reached into my bag and realized my purse wasn’t there.  I hadn’t checked the room.  I took Emily out the the bathroom and when I returned Mom and Jeremiah and check the room and were ready to check out.  I didn’t want to be untrusting and hold things up by doing it again.  I called the hotel and sure enough they found it under one of the blankets.   I remembered carefully laying it out on the bed with my other bags, and I’m not sure how it got covered up.  I felt pretty irresponsible and also uncomfortable with arriving in Lawrence an hour later as we were already not exactly early.  The moral of the story is you should always check the room if you feel like it and always look in the places where you didn’t put anything.  However, I was very grateful I had realized my purse was gone before we were too far away to practically go back.  I had reached in my bag for something completely different.

And windmills.

We retrieved my purse and got back on the road to cover the same ground again.  The trip to Lawrence was fairly uneventful.  We finished listening to The Hobbit.  We stopped for a bathroom break and to dig out PBJ fix in’s.  Building four PBJ’s on the road takes some skill if you only have one spoon and peanut butter in the jelly jar really annoys you.  :)  We also stopped to chase down some tumbleweeds.  Katie wanted one and I thought it would be fun, but didn’t see how me could possibly fit anything else on or in the van.  The boys insisted we could make it work.  :)
And it did!  Crazy.  The wind pushed it up into the canoe and it only took up half of the windshield.

We went to Qudoba in Junction City, KS for dinner.  It was 9:45 when we pulled into the Comfort Inn Uncle Randy had picked out for us.  He met us there and we made plans to join them for breakfast. 

It was a nice large room and we were all feeling kinda cold and crazy from being cooped up in the car for the last two days.  Especially the dogs.  We had a bit of trouble keeping them quiet.  Emily had her first ride in an elevator which was a little comical.  She was only slightly concerned, but kept look at me, waiting for instructions on what she was supposed to do about it. 

Gypsy life.


  1. love the gravity joke, especially at the end of a long, long trip.

  2. Love you guys and your crazy expiditions on my behalf!!!
    What's the story on the rock stack? Is it a picture of a picture?

    1. Crazy is very accurate. I have a hard time believing it actually happened! Yep, picture of a picture ... in the hotel room. :P