Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 14

Up at 7:45, packed camp, poured granola and on the road by 8:45am to Helena.  

Stopped at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Capital Sports (gear store).  

I bought a couple of great headbands at the gear store!  I’ve taken to wearing headbands/bandanas a lot on this trip.  When my hair gets dirty and nasty, it shows most right around my face.  A bandana covers up the fact that I haven’t washed my hair in a week and does the very practical job of keeping hair out of my face and keeping a knot from forming at the back of my neck from wearing a had and scarf when my hair isn’t pinned up.  I haven’t worn headbands in the past because they always slipped off the back of my head.  I’ve found, however, that a couple of bobby pins slipped in from the back, plus a looser headband completely do the trick.  My new favorite thing.  

Bail top bottles at the heath food store; $6
For that, I'll buy a bottle of vodka for $12.  :)

Day out on the town!

We got to Moose Creek Campground around 6:30.  

Made hash and steamed cabbage/broccoli stems.  Using up those stems!  Waste not, not want not!  Nobody noticed last time!  I had bought some fresh ginger because Mom wanted some.  It hasn’t gotten used and was starting to look sad, so some of it went in the hash along with a good dose of Dave Beiler’s garlic.  That ought to keep us well for a while!

Jeremiah started experiment with heating water for the showing bag using a coil of copper set in the gassification stove underneath whatever I was cooking.  I didn’t get picture because it was too dark, but it followed the usual R&D process.  Some what entertaining and a lot feeling sorry for him and worrying he was going to burn himself.  A few things got melted and there were a few unexpected laws of physics that came into play.  :)  I have faith he’ll get it all figured out and it’ll be great!  In the meantime, he’s still tweaking.

He did end up with a bag of hot shower water that got donated to Joshua since somehow he managed to not get a shower at the motel.  Apparently the bag hung in a tree out in the wilderness, all soaped up, and could only get a trickle out of the hose.  Later, it was discover that a rock was lodged in the opening of the hosing.  :P

We broke the $2 thermometer we bought this morning before we got to use it.  In bed at 10 pm.

2,420 miles in.


  1. I'm really loving your pictures and storytelling, I'm darn near vacationing with you all.

    1. Super happy you've come along for the ride on the internets!