Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 27

Where I sat, on a rock, drinking tea, catching some rays, and contemplating life.
Up at 8am.  Our granola stash is getting pretty low.  Jeremiah says that means it’s time to head back.  :)  I got to talk to talk to one of my favorite people for about half an hour this morning.  Katie, I know I say it all the time, but the sparkle you leave behind you is good for my soul.   

The actual rock I was sitting on.  :)
It was an incredibly cold morning.  There was a thick layer of frost on everything.  I took the smaller cooler down to the creek to rinse it out, brought it back and set it on the table to grab a towel and dry it out.  It froze to the table.  Mom poured water in the Kelly Kettle and it froze to the side making a mound of ice.

I was campaigning for a quick exit and so we could be in the car with the heater on and not feel like pansies, but everybody was taking their sweet time this morning.  

I played fetch with the dogs several times.  I found a stick that made a good bat, so I would hit the tennis balls down the wooded campground round.  Emily barks at me when I miss.  :)  It made my forearm sore! 

I made refried bean burritos for lunch.  I’m really liking that 2 lb. block of Cabot white cheddar we got and it was a good price!  

I found some birch bark that I peeled off rotten logs in the woods.  If it makes it home in one piece I’m hoping to use it for crafty things.  I’m really enjoying the yellow and gray of the fall leaves on the creek stones. 

Most thankful for sunshine today.

 I keep seeing what looks like drops of blood on some of the leaves.  I’ve checked the dogs over and not found any injuries, so now I’m wondering if it is a sap or something else.  It is shiny and looks like fresh blood, but it feels dry and gummy.

We got packed up to head for the Yaak. 
Trying to find a spot for the last thing ...
In Eureka, we disposed of trash, Mom bought another down vest at the thrift store, stopped at the ranger station, got groceries at Heaven’s Peak and Stien’s, got ice, and sent another batch of post cards.

We crossed the Koocanusa Lake Bridge ...

... and turned right, following forest service roads toward Yaak.  The larches are incredibly golden, the dark green conifers, the blue more distant mountains … it is enough to make you groan in awe.  There were waves of fallen larch needles on the road. 

Jeremiah was "rally driving" again, so I rigged up a deal to keep from having to catch the atlas flying off the dashboard on every curve.  He found the suction cup and string out in the woods and brought it to me this morning.

Anchored.  Mostly.

We were planning on camping just outside of Yaak, but when we drove past our other campsite option we changed our minds.  Caribou Creek was too pretty to just drive by.  Jeremiah was a bit hesitant … out in the middle of nowhere bear country and not quite enough progress to suit him.  

There was a nice wide open grassy spot, three picnic tables of which we chose the upper one on the edge of the woods, a wooden bridge across the unobtrusive rippling got the creek with its clear water and rocky bottom.  I love being near water, but Graves Creek was a bit noisy.    A bit of trail down to the Creek had 2 east stepping stone providing great access to a deeper pool that was perfect for hand washing.  It was a bit close to the road and we were extra watchful of the dogs.  Only one car drove by, twice.  Odd.  We seem to be quite the anomaly wherever we go, so I may get used to that instead of going along with the suspiciousness of other family members.  :)  The vault toilet even had toilet paper in it, unlike Graves Creek!

I steamed some fresh green beans and grill some hot dogs in nothing flat.  

Mom said, "Here, take a picture of my green beans!"

Jeremiah boiled was water for me and I got the dishes washed, but we never hung the rinse water in the shower bag.  The parking area is pretty far from the picnic table we chose and where Joshua pitched the tipi, so we hauled dinner and breakfast ingredients up to the bear locker near the picnic table.  Jeremiah made a “whiteman” fire from the dinner coals, we roasted marshmallows, and he kiln-dried some stove fuel for tomorrow.  It sprinkled on us a bit, just enough to get things good and wet and chase us to the tent.  I went to bed about 10:15pm.

3,584 miles in.


  1. The bark and moss and leaves and rocks! You're living a dream, darlin!
    I'm so grateful to know you. Truly.
    Hey, also, I meant to comment on one of your early posts and haven't had a quick way of finding which post it was. Didn't you mention seeing sparkly stuff that would flake off of the rocks? My guess was Mica mineral. At least I think it's mineral. I loved playing with that stuff growing up.

    1. 'Tis an amazing opportunity. So glad I can be a bit of a blessing to you! :)
      Yes, I think you're right. I heard someone else describe it and call it Mica. Fascinating stuff!