Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 35

Jeremiah and I popped out of bed just before 8am.  We got ready and scooped granola, planning to eat on the road.  Mom and Joshua got in the van 10 minutes after the last minute.  Joshua had been advocating packing up the tent before we left since we were considering camping else where.  He got out-voted and we rumbled our way into Helena about 9:15am.

Jeremiah dropped all of us off at the thrift store, agreeing that we’d meet up at Natural Grocers.  I found a short the color of a stormy sky and brown Mary Jane sketchers both of which I bought. 

I passed up a brown sweater that had a really interesting cut, and a pretty green one with a big collar that was half acrylic.  :/  Mom found a book, A Moose for Jessica, which I remember reading when I was little.  Bought that to.  Mom bought a bigger pot for our camp cooking and we even found a lid that fit!

Jeremiah came back just as we were walking to NG.  Joshua had already gone over there to start downloading The Hobbit recording by Rob Inglis, another Annie and Jonathan recommendation.  Jeremiah and Mom went back to the thrift store and found a $15 lamp with a metal shade that just might work as a hood for the stove inside the tent. 

We hung out at NG for a while, decided to camp another night at Moose Creek and use the afternoon for a trip to see the mountains around Anaconda, MT.  

We took a road just before Anaconda toward Wisdom, MT.  The mountains were the most beautiful I’ve seen yet! 

 Lots of hunters around.  There was a game check station, a guy in a camper trailer with a white board chart hung on the side.  I thought that would be a great job.  You’d get to see what everyone bagged and hear all the great stories!  

Some lunch!

Makin' that minivan legit!


This, folks, is a magic tent stake.  It opens the hatch.  Photobomb by Litterer

We went back on a different road up through Deer Lodge.

Another thingymabobber.

Quesadillas have been on the menu and we finally had them tonight!  Cheddar cheese, diced red peppers (from Dawn) and onions, canned TJ’s chicken.  So tasty with sour cream on top!  Wishing for some salsa and guacamole …. :)   

Another whiteman fire kept us from running to the tipi first thing when it started spitting rain.  It did eventually chase us in.

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