Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 31

Up at 7am catching up on my trip notes.  We still haven’t been able to get ahold of the adjuster assigned to our claim.

Base camp.
Jeremiah came down with a bad cold this morning.  We had oatmeal; just poured boiling water over oats in our cups.  Jeremiah slept while we went to town.  I walked Main Street window shopping while Mom deal with the insurance company.  The Storm Cellar was neat, vintage and second hand clothing, some pretty crazy exotic stuff.  We were talking about how when you get into vintage clothing, often the stuff that is still useable is the stuff people didn’t wear a lot.  Some of it was really cool, and some of it was a little scary.  The Prichard Art Gallery, connected with U of I, had a local arts and crafts section.  I spent some time talking to Tom in the Chamber of Commerce.  He volunteers there after running several businesses in town including starting the local public transport system which he CEO’d for 13 years after working for the one in Lewiston.  I got a map of Moscow and a Idaho highway map. 

Mom found a body shop in town, in network with our insurance, that was willing to do a back alley job on “The BounceHouse”.  We agreed to name it the BounceHouse in honor of it’s overloaded shot rear suspension that makes bumps in the road feel like waves on the lake.  Jeff used a slide hammer to pull out the quarter panel so we could get the driver’s door open without it binding and readjusted the headlight socket so it would be easier for us to get the new one in.  He was busy through November 10 so we decided to try to get a headlight elsewhere.  He asked that we let the insurance company know so they weren’t waiting for an invoice from him.

We went back to camp for roast beef sandwiches and to discuss car fixing plans with Jeremiah.  We all went back into town.  Jeremiah returned some stuff at Hyperspuds and Mom bought a huge Hydroflask.  We did a bit of shopping at the co-op and used their internet for a while.  

I visited a bookstore and a bike shop on main street.  I had a great conversation with Chris in the bike shop.  One of those odd ones.  He asked if I was looking for anything.  I said no, just wandering.  And our conversation continued from there.  We talked about everything, but bikes.  Finally I asked him to show me the coolest thing he had in the shop, because I felt weird talking about non-business stuff.  He answered, “You’re looking at him!”  I snorted and rolled my eyes.  He showed me a couple of bikes and I got a little bit educated.  I was feeling rather smug about our unorthodox interaction until I left and he told me his name again, with his last name, very pointedly.  “Nice to meet you", and I walked out.  I was so flustered after that that I promptly forgot his name.  Sorry, dude. 

Joshua got the fire going since Jeremiah was still out of it.  We had mexican with the White Park beef.  It was less than $2 more a pound than the stuff at Walmart and organic at that.  Joshua used the remainder fo the fire to heat water to fill the giant Hyroflask and some hot water bottles for mom and my toes.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today guys ... totally could have done a better job on that one.  It just never crosses my mind to take "town" pictures ... note to selfs.

4,080 miles in.

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