Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 26

I woke up at 8 and stayed in bed until 9am, half wondering if anyone else would get up if I didn’t.  We had raisin bread and cottage cheese.  And then I talked to the creek to take some pictures.
Making tea.

 We decided to take the Ten Lakes drive today.  We drove by Rare Bears and I noticed the house was cordwood, the first I’ve seen in real life!  We went up to Little and Big Therriault Lakes.  It had just snowed on top of the mountains and was still spiting some rain at the alkes.  The campgrounds there are gorgeous, but it was a lot colder up there than in the valley at Graves Creek.  I read that Little Therriault has an average depth of 11 feet, much more shallow than I would have imagined.   We checked out another campground closer to the beginning of the road, near Clark Creek, I think it was.  

We went back by camp to get the trash and drove into Eureka again.  We went to two thrift stores that were right across the road from each other, a food pantry one and one called Namaste.  I got some big thick wool/acrylic (I think) socks for a dollar and some red ticking for 25 cents.  My hands are so callused and weather that I’ve literally lost my touch for fiber discernment!  Very frustrating when thrifting.  

The Twisted Leash was advertising a self dog wash.  It runs like a car wash.  You turn the know to select your shampoo and then shampoo/water mix, then rinse water, then conditioner all comes out of the same hose.  Towels, nail clippers, and ear wipes provided.  For $12.50.  Thanks anyways, I’ll use the lake.  :)  I baulked at paying $2 for 5 minutes of shower for myself, so yeah, thanks anyways.  :P

I walked through the Sunflower Moose clothing store.  They have nice stuff, but not really my style.  The SilverFish Gallery is wonderful!  Woodwork, pottery, paintings, some fiber work, cool jewelry and these really awesome copper clocks for $200 to $300.

Mom got some yogurt at Heaven’s Peak and got invited to the Non-GMO Project documentary  in the local theater this evening.  I don’t know much about the Non-GMO Project … need to do some research on that.  I mean, I know about GMO and I don’t like it, but I’m curious if this particular organization is doing a good job in that arena.  Anyone else done their research on that?

My Polebridge sicker.
I had read about people in town putting up a platform next to the electric line because there was an osprey that kept nesting on the electric pole.  They were pretty excited about that, but didn’t really want it nested there.  So up went the platform and the osprey was very accommodating.  :)  They were quite disappointed when a canada goose kicked out the osprey.  I giggled about life.  As we were driving back to camp, I recognized the platform there next to the highway.

The shower bag we use for rinsing dishes.
 Pasta and salad for dinner and in bed around 9:30pm.  I read for a while, pamphlets I’d picked up and a couple magazines.  

Pretty much.
It was a very cold evening and I was once again eternally thankful for my hand-me-down insulated snow pants.  Put those on and I got from freezing cold to impenetrable!  I slept in them.  :)


  1. I love reading your journal!! And your hands and mine look similar. :/

  2. https://www.facebook.com/nongmoproject
    If you run across some O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream, get some, it'll heal those cracks on your hands.