Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 7

We line dried our laundry, taking advantage of the low humidity of South Dakota.  It saved us a lot of money too!

Building the stove fire for the next evening!

Totally "not" begging. 

 Jeremiah and I took a walk through the campground and made a loop through the woods up the hill with the dogs.  Cool things we saw:

Mule deer.  There were two of them.  To watch them jump!
Guys.  It's a Unimog.  In real life.  With a box truck house on the back, like Jeremiah has been talking about!

Love the macro setting!

We packed up camp, were surprised that the van actually started, and headed back to town.  Mom got dropped off at the library.  The boys borrowed tools from the auto parts store and changed the alternator.  Meanwhile I took Emily and wandered the shops on Main Street.  I didn't really want to leave her tied up on the street while I went in, so I took to poking my head in the door and asking if it was alright if I brought her in.  No one turned me down!  Even the health food store!  There was one lady that said it was against their policy unless she was a service dogs, but since she was cute, she'd let her in.  :P  Emily was an absolute angel everywhere.  Stuck right by my side, sat and waited when I told her to, was very careful not to bump into anything, and walked very slowly while I browsed.  Just really proud of her!  Found a zipper stash at a flea market, 10 for $1!  I was just about to go buy some!

The shop I was most interested in, and the owner was out of town.  Closed.

Cute cabin near the campground
We ate lunch near Kidney Springs Gazebo and filled all our water bottles from the spring and played in the creek.

We also visited the Black Hills Horse Sanctuary.  A really neat place and totally privately funded!
My contraband

We bought dog food, ice, and grapefruit and headed towards Spearfish, hoping to camp at Lock & Gun or Timon campgrounds.  Timon was completely full and we got the last spot at Lock & Gun.  And camping was free!  Once again we got in well after dark, with no clue of the beauty around us.  No water with vault toilets.  We had peas and rice pilaf with an Indian curry from Trader Joe's.

1,536 miles in.


  1. You're getting some good pictures!

  2. beautiful country, it seems to keep getting prettier as you go