Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 37

Up at 8am and rested until 9am.  I do not want to have a cold!  
Frozen rain on the tyvek.

Shelter somebody built and looks to have done a pretty smart job!  There were only a few wet spots inside.
French toast and bacon for breakfast and then waited around for the body shop to call.  

I gathered laundry, did dishes, got out hummus and chips for lunch, stowed the fabric I’d bought along with some other things I’d bought and wasn’t using.  Jeremiah finally called the body shop and got an appointment for 3:30pm.  We left for Missoula around 1:30pm.

Mom and Jeremiah did some shopping at Michaels and I went to the pet store to price dry dog food options.  The canned stuff is a bit expensive.  We got bread and 2 discounted bear claws at Wheat Montana Bakery and did the grocery shopping at NG.  We all got on our computers until time to go to our appointment.  

This guy made me think of you, Jake.  :)  Best of luck to you tomorrow!
Just as we were pulling in, I got a text from Katie asking to talk.  I just love that girl!  But I think I did catch the rest of my cold sitting out on a pile of rocks near the parking lot so we could talk.  I’m ok with that.  There was a walking trail on the other side of the fence and all kinds of interesting people came by.  A guy dressed in black with long hair and an open ankle length coat striding along as if he had a castle to save, a bicyclist with all the pariphinalia, a teenager on a trick bike, and … a gentleman meandering along, reading a book, and, for reals, being walked by his cat.  I didn’t notice the cat at first, just thought it was interesting that he was walking and reading.  Then saw the black and white cat when he stopped to wait for it.  The guy sat down on a bench to wait for the cat, only to get up a moments later when the cat continued walking.  

From there a Walmart trip, Good Foods just to check it out (did buy a few things including sprouts), Sportsman’s Warehouse, and Cabellas.  I was feeling fairly sick and snuffly by this time. 

We got back to camp around 9 after listening to The Hobbit on the way back.  It was quite cold and we all sat in the car while Jeremiah finished altering the oven dome, listening to The Hobbit, and catching up on trip notes.  Jeremiah offered to make dinner so I could rest and he could mess with his cooking apparatus to his heart’s content.  I got pretty tired, so I stashed my plate and spork under my cot, took out my contacts, and burrowed in.  There was already a good layer of frost on the tent, so I had put all my cold weather gear on: thermals, pants, snow pants; wool base layer, fleece, down vest, down coat; two pair of wool socks, two wool hats, scarf, and wool gloves.  It did it’s job.

Mom woke me when dinner was ready and dished me up some rice and curry. I ate and prompted went bak to sleep.  I’m not sure what time it was, but I do know it was after 11pm. 

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