Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 33

Up at 8:30am when Buddy squirted out of the tent and disappeared.  Mom was pretty worried and flustered as she had been on her way to the bathroom.  Trout Creek is very pretty and clean.  I suppose I haven’t seen a mountain creek yet that I didn’t think was pretty.

I love it when people labor on something like this and leave it behind for others to enjoy.  Joy in the process.

I made hash for breakfast and added an apple to it which greatly increased its breakfastiness. 

Want some?  :)  Come hunt me down and I'll gladly share!
I used some of the red peppers Dawn gave me.  I burned a thick layer of concrete in the bottom of the pan again before I had the bright idea to use a lid to help cook the potatoes without burning everything else!  I used a graniteware pie pan and used tong to remove it.  It would probably work better if I put it on early before it burned, and then worked on crisping it up after it is mostly cooked.  

Bread got toasted over the remainder of the coals. 

I packed most of the car while Jeremiah scrounged for dry wood under the larger trees to take with us.  It kept threatening an immense down pour that never came, though it served to hurry along the packing.  Joshua put away the tipi wet, with only a sigh.

We were back on the road to Missoula around 2pm.  

At Blue Ribbon, they informed us I’d done $2500 of damage by hitting the deer.  They priced and ordered a new headlight that will be there Monday and we inquired about getting the hatch latch and Joshua’s door fixed.  We were very impressed with their service and facilities. 

Mom requested another Walmart trip.  She came out after a bit, overwhelmed, and asked me to get half the list.  I nixed half of what was on the list she handed me, either because I felt we didn’t need it or it would be better gotten elsewhere (more likely to find what we wanted, or because we could patronize another store).  She wasn't feeling well and while she agree with me, I think I hurt her feelings because she was hearing me say she was silly for having those things on her Walmart list.  We got that smoothed over and I set off.  

We did a bit of grocery shopping at Natural Grocers and used their internet for a while.  Lots of talking to choose a campsite, mostly based on weather.  It was finally decided to go back to Moose Creek in Helena.  We could got o church there on Sunday and Jeremiah would be able to exchange his pack at Capital Sports. 

I don’t remember what time we got to camp.  Joshua was getting sick and having his usual weird neurological symptoms.  Jeremiah pitched the tipi and we had hummus and chips for dinner.

P.S. This is what happens when you try to take selfies and forget that you zoomed in ....  :)

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