Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 26 (Pictures that got lost) :P

So I found the other half a days pictures ....  :P  Sorry, guys.  I should of wondered why I didn't have pictures of Therriault Lake in there!  That's what squeezing in internet will do to you.

The Rare Bears cordwood building.
Emily after playing baseball.

On the way up to Therriault.

Yep, that's where we are!

There's some snow up there!  And we saw the Canadian border running down the side of one of the hills.

Big Therriault Lake

Therriault Creek ... I think.

Little Therriault

Moss Mom picked off a tree!  Like weird hair.  It would make a great fairy house!

Now that's more like it!  It looks like what Jeremiah's been talking about.
Later we decided this guy was super creepy.

Would you look at those mountains!!!

Just before Graves Creek Campground.  We would always see several deer out in the field.

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