Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 16

At the KOA entrance
 Up at 9am.  The little cooler tipped over on the way back from the bathrooms and spilled hamburger juice on the carpet in the back of the van.  Jeremiah took out one of the plastic panels and pulled up the edge of the carpet, and I used a little dish soap and a lot of water to get it all cleaned up.  Made sandwiches for lunch.  Only about half of the laundry was dry, so the remainder got stuffed in a bag to try again at next camp.  Cold cereal got nominated for breakfast and we were on the road at 11:20.

We went to the house/business of some people Jeremiah does website work for to pick up tags that had been mailed for the van.  The tags weren’t there, but Jeremiah fixed some website issues that needed ironed out while we were there.  :)  The Mrs. invited us for a lasagna dinner either tomorrow or Wednesday!

We drove around Kalispell for a bit … stopped at the visitor’s center, Montana Wheat Bakery, and then parked for a while to use wifi to figure out our next camping spot.  
Are you done yet?  Cuz I told him to stand still.  Then he started laughing.  :)

Mom also called MT State Parks to try to get a refund on our park pass.  She couldn’t get that because it had already been mailed, but after explaining the issues, we got permission to pitch our tipi in state park picnic areas (even though the signs say not) if the tent pads weren’t big enough, and also got some information regarding where there was going to be water and what was closing when.  Got gas and another 10 lbs of ice, 4 of which we didn’t have room for.  Whoops.  Remedied that problem at camp after we at some food out of the coolers.  :)

We headed for Glacier National Park.  

We turned on Going-to-the-Sun Road.  It seemed like the surroundings changed just as we entered the park.  I’ve been told it’s what they call “pacific north west”.  There is a greater variety of trees than the other places, very wet, lots of moss, and more under growth. 

It is very beautiful.  Reminds me a bit of Grand Marias.  We camped in Loop C of the Apgar Campgound near Lake McDonald at 6:30pm.  Mexican for dinner. 

Mom's artistic fire for the Kelly Kettle.

Cleaned out the cooler that the beef leaked in and made post cards.  

Bed by 10pm.

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