Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 25

Up around 9am.  We had huckleberry beer great french toast and it was amazing!  I burned the bacon for our lunch watching Emily mine large rocks out of the creek.  She goes down to the creek a couple times an hour and very carefully, seriously brings a large rock back to the campsite, and then runs off to investigate something else.  Goofy dog!  Her face is constantly wet up to her eyes.

We saw a bald eagle fly down the creek past our campsite.  There is no one else here.  The first campsite (it may have been a picnic area) was very nice, but there was a “creepy” concrete structure on the other side of the creek that Jeremiah didn’t want to camp near.  :)  I didn’t either.  There are lots of bugs here, at least compared to where we’ve been camping previously.  There are spiders everywhere that like to get in everything.  Lots of moths and flies, and I picked two bugs that looked like baby scorpions with wings out of my tea this morning …. I know how poisonous scorpions can be so I was slightly concerned about drinking scorpion tea, literally, but I really wanted tea.  I’m still alive, so I guess they weren’t too bad.  :)

Found and thought it was neat.  Anybody know what this is off of?
Barry stopped by with his black lab, Tootsie, around 3pm.  They were just out messing around in the woods, hunting and stuff.  He saw our campsite and was asking us about the tipi and canoe.  He has done contractor work all over the county, but is originally from the Flathead Valley as was his dad and grandpa.  He told us a lot about the area, the climate, history, opportunities, geology, and social status.  He asked if we were going to move here.  He gave us his cell phone number saying that he had chains and two trucks.  We should call him if we needed anything, help, directions, information or opinions.  

Yep!  Only in a Montana laundromat.  :P
We went into Eureka, got gas, dropped off trash, put the laundry in a dryer, and drove through town to the Canadian border.  I didn’t realize it was right there!  

Ruh roh.

This is all just north of Eureka, between there and the border. 
We went into Heaven’s Peak which is the local health food store.  They had B Bar White Park Beef there!

Sorry it's sideways!  It wasn't ... not sure what happened.

Love some local meat!
It was raining, light fluffy rain most of the evening.  Jeremiah burned two chambers in the stove inside the tipi for heating and to get coals to grill burgers on the Kelly Kettle base.  He and Mom spent a while arguing about whether cooking, particularly frying should be done inside the tent in inclement weather.  Mom didn’t want the grease coating on the inside of the tent and all over our gear.  Jeremiah was of the opinion that if we bought the tent to be able to live in it for this length of time, we should live in it and not be precious about it.  

While the "discussion" was happening, I was reading this lovely pamphlet
with a map of all the local farms, what they sell, who likes to have visitors,
etc.  Cool resource!
It was midnight before we had all eaten and gotten the food stuff cleaned up.  The burgers were very slow cooking.  Jeremiah sat out there forever cooking them one by one over the grill.  It started raining pretty seriously right as I was going to bed.

3,445 miles in.